Friday, June 5, 2009

Yesterday we went to The Great Barrier Reef! The water was perfect temperature. We saw so many fish of all shapes and sizes. One of the fish we were really looking for was the butterfly fish. The Butterfly Fish has many colors of all unique shades. I saw many fish and swam away from many fish. Some of the fish did not float my boat, and some fish were some of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. The coral was one of things that I liked and did not like all at the same time. It was very pretty but it did nip me a few times. It was very tricky to move around it without stepping on it.
The water was clear and fresh with a hint of salt, that got caught in my mouth a few times. It was a long day but I am glad I I went. I had a wonderful time!!

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  1. Hi Kennedy,
    Shopping, snorkeling, and hanging out at The Great Barrier Reef! Wow, now that is excitement!
    It's nice to hear that you have a "master shopper" on the trip with you.
    We are all excited about the three of you returning, and look forward to hearing first-hand about your experiences. It has been wonderful to check in daily to see what the group has been doing.
    Ms. Carolyn

  2. Hi K-rue,

    Sounds so amazing. I want to go there one day.