Friday, June 5, 2009

Today we went to of the wonderful malls in Townsville! I have never had a hour and a half to shop in my life. I think that shopping was the hardest part for me! Come on! You have to have more than a hour and a half to shop! But in that time I got two sandals (gold and silver), a book (Breaking Dawn) and that's it. But I think Mrs. McGuire takes the cake on the shopping trip today... like she says... "Some people's sports are snorkeling, but mine is shopping!". And I can't deny she is good at what she does!

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  1. Kennedy,
    Just think of your 1 1/2 hour shopping trip as a lesson in time management and you apparently had a good teacher for that as well. :)
    I have enjoyed reading your posts.
    Mrs. Jensen's mom

  2. Kennedy,
    I am with you on that shopping thing! Ashlee has mentioned that she enjoyed getting to know you on this amazing trip and that you are very "cool!" :)
    Thank you for your posts. I have enjoyed reading them and looking at all of the photos. I hope you always cherish this once in a life time adventure!
    Mrs. Craig