Friday, May 22, 2009

Outback Awaiting!

 Hi I am Kennedy. I am a fifth grade student, and I attend New Village Leadership Academy. I live in Southern California.  I love to read , dance, and make people laugh.
  I will be visiting Australia in three days and I can't wait to ride the camels in the Outback!!! I will keep you posted!!!
What part of my adventure are you most excited to hear about? 


  1. Kennedy,
    You are in Australia! I am so excited for you! Everyone in Room 203 will be checking daily to read about your adventures. Have a good time!
    Ms. Carolyn

  2. Hey its Sydney well I miss you and I hope you having a good time. I know you are. Well call me or get on ichat or something. Well luv ya!!!!!

  3. Hi Kennedy-
    I will be checking everyday to hear about your fun adventures, Down Under.

    From Ms. Piano

  4. Hi Kennedy! How is the hair? Still looking good? We all hope you are having a great time and can't wait for photos and news. Love, Dr. Jacquie

  5. Hello my love! How is it going? I miss seeing your beautiful smile and getting big bear hugs from you! I hope you are having fun without us :-(

    Miss you lots. Love, Ms. Eva!

  6. Hi Kennedy its David Pedwell here - welcome to Australia :)
    hope to see you all when you get to Queensland.

  7. Hey it's yaya aka cutiepie or america's next top model i miss you and i hope your having a wonderfullllll time.Once again i love you and i miss you!